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Chateau La Croix Blanche Montagne Saint-Emilion 2010

Chateau La Croix Blanche Montagne Saint-Emilion 2010

Sku: 059008

Fruit forward, featuring fresh blackberry freamed by fine fruit tannins.

I love the satellite appellations of Saint-Emilion because they produce wonderful, classically styled Bordeaux that we can all afford to drink on a daily basis. Montagne Saint-Emilion lies just North-East of Saint-Emilion proper and features wines made primarily from Merlot and often complemented by Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Guimberteau family has made their modestly priced, fabulous Bordeaux here for five generations.

La Croix Blanche is one of a select number of Bordeaux carefully selected by 67 Wine as one of our exclusively imported Bordeaux Secrets®. It will entice you with lush blackberry aromas and flavors stretched across a frame of fine fruit tannins and a delicately minty, peppery finish. This is really lovely stuff that will elevate your late summer grilling to new heights.
~ Rand Sieger, 67 Wine Buyer

When tasting this wine for the first time, it was almost as if I was being introduced to a friend I already knew. The classic Bordeaux profile of dried red fruits over a background of herbal, slightly leafy flavors won me over right away. Bordeaux's so-called Right Bank lies at the cultivable limit of Merlot (any cooler and it wouldn't ripen), which gives these wines a satisfying combination of richness and rusticity.
~ Dmitriy Krasny, 67Wine

Other text
La Croix Blanche is a small estate in Montagne-Saint-Emilion, a satellite appellation of the more famous (and considerably more expensive) Saint-Emilion. Even here, prices have crept up in recent years, and the rather modest price of La Croix Blanche is testament to the dedication and hard work of the Guimberteau family, the fifth-generation owners of the estate.

Food pairing
I would feel comfortable putting this bottle on the table with almost any Mediterranean dish. Grilled kebabs? There is enough grip and savory character in the wine to match and highlight the roasted, meaty flavors of the kebabs. Moroccan Couscous with slow-cooked squash and chickpeas? The herbal undertones of the Croix Blanche will make the subtle spice in the dish sing. And even though I don't ever mix meat with dairy, for those of you who do, I can see the Croix Blanche being a great partner for a meat-topped pizza. With wonderful berry flavors, bright acidity and attractive herbal nuances, the 2010 La Croix Blanche is as versatile as it is pleasurable.
~ Dmitriy Krasny, 67Wine Buyer

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