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Jagermeister Liqueur

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Jagermeister Liqueur

375ML Half Bottle     le Ends 
Sku: 131281

56 herbs, roots and fruits are brought together from all across the globe. Cinnamon from Ceylon, bitter oranges from Australia, ginger root from South Asia, red sandalwood from East India, blueberries from Europe, plus one or two secrets

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A singularly pungent nose of caraway, anise seed, and peppermint imply a bitter profile, but this liqueur contains just enough sweetness to leave the drinker invigorated but not overwhelmed and eager for more.
Despite its overuse among college students as a get-drunk-quick shooter to cascade down ice luges, this is excellent digestif material for grown-ups too. This ruddy, herbal spirit is dominated by licorice and clove flavors, with a faint, bracingly bitter tinge in the medium-bodied mouth and on the finish. The college crowd got one thing right, though: Jager is best icy cold.

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Country: Germany
Type: Cordials & Liquers - Imported

Reg. $15.99

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