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Cos Frappato 2015

Cos Frappato 2015

Sku: 137311

The color is like a warm ruby, not especially dense butbright and truly red, without blue or purple tones, even though it is still a young wine.
The aromas are charming: fragrant wild strawberries and the merest hint of candied orange peel and light spice, maybe nutmeg or cinnamon.
The polished texture is silky but definite, with a fine balance of clear fruit and structure (tannins and acidity) to give it depth and length. It has that lovely sweetness of fruit that you get from the best examples of Pinot Noir (though it doesn't taste like Pinot) and the same apparent lightness and freshness even though it fills the mouth with flavor and scent. It is unoaked, complex and layered, juicy but not simple. Simply delicious.

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The grape variety Frappato has been around on the island of Sicily quite a while and it is often blended with Nero d'Avola, today frequently disappearing into Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily's first DOCG wine. In 2008 there were 846 ha (2,091 acres) of this small-berried, thin-skinned variety planted on Sicily (photo courtesy of Gal Zohar, who helped with the Frappato harvest last year). It was first mentioned in 1760 in Vittoria (one of its synonyms is Frappato di Vittoria), where it is said to have originated, and the grapes for this wine come from that region, in the province of Ragusa in the south of the island. According to ampelographer and DNA expert Dr José Vouillamoz, our co-author on the new grape book currently under construction, recent DNA studies have suggested a parent–offspring relationship between Frappato and Sangiovese, though this wine tastes nothing like Sangiovese.

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Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Grape Varietal: Frappato
Type: Still wine

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