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Channing Daughters Ramato Pinot Grigio Orange Wine 2013 750ML Full Size 2013

Channing Daughters Ramato Pinot Grigio Orange Wine 2013 750ML Full Size 2013

Sku: P43885

When driving on Scuttle Hole Road in Bridgehampton, it is hard not to admire the bucolic green scenery and vast farmland occupying most of the road. It is most definitely hard to miss the sprawling manicured vineyards of Channing Daughters Winery. A recent visit to the winery was the perfect ending to a weekend in the Hamptons; coupled with wine and tranquility.

Channing Daughters planted it's first chardonnay in 1982. Founded by Walter Channing, this winery has grown to become a darling in Long Island's East End. New York wines, especially from Long Island are gaining popularity amongst sommeliers, enthusiasts and wine lovers both nationally and internationally.

We were greeted by Christopher Tracey, winemaker / partner who gave us a private tour and a tasting which included a line up of both their wines and unique Vermouths: Vervino. Christopher joined Channing Daughters Winery initially in charge of the Wine Club. In 2001, he began creating new cuvees, products for the winery and introduced different grape varietals. Since then, he has grown to become the soul of Channing Daughters Winery. They now grow and produce wines using over two dozen grape varietals both domestic and from abroad. Some of the red varietals are Blaufrankish, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder and Lagrein. Some of the whites are Riboilla Gialla, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Tocai Friulano and Gewurtztraminer.

There are six separate vineyards in Bridgehampton farm which were planted from 1982 - 2007. " The varieties planted in each block represent the development of Channing Daughters from Walter Channing’s first experiments to our emerging interest in Italianate grape varieties to a fascination with co planted multi-variety blocks and wines to a reversal from single clone plantings of Chardonnay to the inter-planted 10 clone blocks of today. All in pursuit of complexity and deliciousness and reflection of our place. " CT... There are 28 acres of vineyards producing most of these grapes. Approx 50% are sourced from special sites in the Northfork. The landscape in the Northfork and Southfork provide a suitable climate and terroir for wine growers.

This skin fermented wine has a coppery orange colored hue. Enticing aromas and fruit flavors of dried apricots, pear, ripe citrus and baked apples with honey flavors and spice. Lively acidity, medium bodied with a lingering finish . This a uniquely crafted and delcious wine is to be enjoyed year round. The winery suggests to drink this wine now at cellar temp in large glasses and over the next five plus years.

Food pairing suggestions: charcuterie, hard cheeses, nuts, chicken, fish and pork and squash .

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