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St. Laurentius (Klaus Herres) Riesling Sekt

St. Laurentius (Klaus Herres) Riesling Sekt

Sku: P57154

For this wine lover, there is no better treat than a well-made Mosel Valley Riesling. And since my second love is Champagne, this wine is a great marriage of both worlds. Upfront, this dry sparkling wine has a concentrated minerality from the blue slate soils in which the grapes are grown. In the glass, it displays a pop of citrus zest with fresh orchard fruits, including quince and Cortland apples, with a slight honeyed finish. Made with Champagne yeasts in the traditional method, it exhibits all the aromas and characteristics of a well-made Champagne.
~Chad Colwell, 67Wine Buyer

Wine maker notes
Produced using the traditional method “méthode traditionelle” which means that after the primary fermentation, a second alcoholic fermentation occurs in the bottle.
The Riesling Hochgewaechs still wine is the basic product for this traditional German sparkling Riesling (Winzersekt). The sparkling wines of Sektgut St. Laurentius are highly appreciated by the German President and the Swedish Royal Dynasty.

Other text
While tinkering away in his wine cellar in the early 1980s, winemaker Klaus Herres wondered if the wines his family had produced for generations had the potential for bubbles. In a leap of faith, he gathered 100 bottles and impulsively added various quantities of yeast and sugar to each. Of the original hundred bottles, 80 exploded, leaving only 20 that could be perfected. Klaus knew he was on to something and has honed his technique over decades of instruction and collaboration with colleagues in Champagne. His wines are still made using the classic method, and are riddled by hand in the cellars of the family’s estate. In Germany, this wine has gained vast recognition and popularity, having become a top-selling wine throughout the country. It is frequently served at Bellevue Castle in Berlin, home of the German Federal President.

Food pairing
This wine’s racy acidity makes it an excellent start to a meal, pairing well with charcuterie or various cheeses, such as Gouda or a nice triple cream. Or serve it with the main course: I love it with a piece of seared salmon atop an apple parsnip puree, finished with a drizzle of citrus oil and julienned apple.
~Chad Colwell, 67Wine Buyer

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