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George Dickel White Corn Whisky No 1

George Dickel White Corn Whisky No 1

Sku: P58237

George Dickel No. 1 is the foundation where all of George Dickel’s handcrafted corn-based whiskies begin. Crafted in Tullahoma from the same mash bill as our No. 8, No. 12 and Barrel Select whiskies, and finished with the signature Dickel ”Chill Charcoal Mellowing” process, our No. 1 Foundation Recipe is the finest un-aged whisky around.

 Malt Advocate 84 points (Aug 2014)
“Mellow as moonlight” on the label; the old Cascade slogan, from the pre-Dickel branding days at Dickel. This is a throwback too; from before the barrel. The nose is full of sweet and fresh corn “cream” and cornbread, a nod to Dickel’s 84% corn mashbill. Some peppery notes join it on the palate, but that corn sweetness follows all the way to the end. One of the best white whiskeys I’ve tasted, and not overpriced. (Spring 2014) Reviewed by: Lew Bryson

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Country: United States
Region: Tennessee
Type: Corn Whiskey

Reg. $21.99

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