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Riposte 'The Rapier' Gewurztraminer Adelaide Hills 2010

Riposte 'The Rapier' Gewurztraminer Adelaide Hills 2010

Sku: P58485

Don't be put off by the apostrophe—this is real Gewürztraminer, though perhaps not from where you might expect. Tim Knappstein was leaning on 40 years of winemaking experience when he started the Riposte label in 2006. A true family operation, the Riposte line focuses on the unique viticultural potential of Australia's Adelaide Hills. Offering some of the coolest growing conditions in the country, this appellation provides Gewürztraminer with conditions not typically found elsewhere in Australia—a long growing season, made possible by the moderate temperatures. The result is a generous, alluring wine that also manages to be light on its feet and refreshing.
~ Dmitriy, 67Wine Buyer

Gewürztraminer is one of the most likable varieties in the wine world. The best ones, I believe, are wines that combine effusiveness and exotic notes with a trademark stony spiciness: Think tropical fruit and white pepper by the seashore. The Riposte strikes that balance with great precision (so its nickname is quite appropriate!), fresh garden scents literally jump from the glass, while melon and guava are framed by an almost salty, mineral edge on the palate. The wine is partially fermented in old barrels, adding texture and complexity to an already lively array of flavors. The wine finishes perfectly dry and clean. It left me coming back for another refreshing sip time after time.
~ Dmitriy, 67Wine Buyer

Wine maker notes
The grapes for this wine are grown by Jim and Kathy Flatt at their vineyard in the high cool Lenswood sub region.

The grape variety Gewürztraminer has been shortened to ’ Traminer for ease of pronunciation. 2010 'The Rapier' 'Traminer Fresh rosewater and slices of ginger parry subtly with undertones of lychee and blossom. The Rapier scythes across the palate balancing lifted floral fruit with a finish of piercing acidity. A stunning drink on release that can benefit from being locked in the armoury for up to five years. A perfect ally to fresh spicy Asian dishes with chilli and ginger.

The dictionary definition of ‘Riposte’ (pronounced rip - posst ) is comeback, reply, retort, or in the context of the sport of fencing a quick counter stroke. After over a decade of confusion about his name ‘Riposte’ was chosen as an appropriate name for a ‘comeback label’ by Tim Knappstein.

– ‘ The Ra pier ’ is a long narrow two edge mid - weight sword used in fencing

Food pairing
This variety can often overpower many delicate foods, so the best pairing for Gewürztraminer is usually something smoked, salty or spicy. The freshness of the Riposte, however, can bring it back into the realm of somewhat lighter offerings, like an arugula salad with blue cheese, cashews and diced apple, or spring rolls with watercress and a slightly sweet-spicy dipping sauce. Make no mistake though. This wine has plenty of drive and plenty of length, making it the perfect match for bolder, more assertive dishes, like blackened salmon or even a traditional Korean Bibimbap.
~ Dmitriy, 67Wine Buyer

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