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The Rare Wine Company Madeira Thomas Jefferson NV 750ML

Sku: P58542

Born in Albemarle County Virginia in 1743, Thomas Jefferson was a central figure in the founding of the American republic, as principal author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States. He was also the United States' first true wine connoisseur. And like the other Founding Fathers, Jefferson loved Madeira. As a young law student, he was introduced by his mentor's wife, Mrs. Wythe, to a blend of one tenth "superfine" Malmsey to nine-tenths dry Madeira. He never lost his taste for this blend. Decades later he wrote that "silky" wines have the taste of "dry wine dashed with a little sweetness, barely sensible to the palate: the silky Madeira which we sometimes get here, is made so by putting a small portion of Malmsey into the dry Madeira." Thomas Jefferson Special Reserve celebrates this Jeffersonian ideal by blending a small amount of rare Malvasia Candida into a fine dry Madeira. Beautifully refined, with just a hint of sweetness, it was made, like the other Madeiras in our Historic Series, by Vinhos Barbeito from wines patiently aged by the time-honored Canteiro method.

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