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King Car Whisky Single Malt Conductor

King Car Whisky Single Malt Conductor

Sku: P61254

King Car single malt whisky is one of our 3 latest releases. We would like to make the flavour to the fullest and most rounded possible. And this time, because we would like to retain most of the flavours, the alcoholic strength is raised to 46% v/v! This is the first expression launched in the name of King Car which is the name of the Group. The Chairman of the group, Mr. TT Lee, would like to have a single malt whisky that can also represent the company to show the kind of diversity, multi-area of business that we do, and this King Car single malt (a.k.a. Conductor) can truly represent the Group with its complex flavours, delicate aromas and multi-layers of background fruitiness!

Tasting notes
Colour: Vivid amber that is as passionate as ever̷0; Nose: Excellently clean and freshly fruity single malt. A touch of papaya, banana and green apple, just to name a few. Pleasantly floral, delicate and complex with depths and multilayers of aromas, fragrances and nuances waiting to be discovered by each individual and connoisseur! Palate: Sweet, rich, vanilla, banana but also coconut, a slight pleasant bitterness balancing the sweetness. A mouthfilling dram, more complex and sophisticated than you will ever imagine. A grand masterpiece to represent and bear the name of the Group - King Car.

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Country: Other Asia
Type: Straight Whiskey

Reg. $122.99

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