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Rum Chata Horchata Con Ron

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Rum Chata Horchata Con Ron

375ML Half Bottle    
Sku: P61276

Of late, we’ve been bombarded with questions about the origins of RumChata, and the truth is, the answer is not a simple one. RumChata’s ingredients are hand selected from all around the world. It’s not easy crafting the best tasting cream liqueur in the Universe, but it’s a challenge we’ve taken head on. Every delicious batch of RumChata is mixed up from scratch and contains our own unique blend of premium Caribbean rum, which is selected for its light and smooth character. We then take that rum and homogenize it with the finest dairy cream from Wisconsin. The final step of our process is blending in our own unique flavors, which come from six different countries and as far away as Madagascar. With the completion of each batch, we taste test it, hand bottle it, carefully pack it up, and then it is finally ready for delivery to our dedicated fans far and wide. There’s nothing we love more than providing our customers with the best tasting cream liqueur ever—except maybe drinking the best tasting cream liqueur ever. And lazy rivers. And drinking RumChata in a lazy river, but we digress—that is why we use only the highest quality ingredients available on the market.

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Country: Other Caribbean
Type: Creams

Reg. $16.99

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