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Kerrygold Liqueur Irish Cream

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Kerrygold Liqueur Irish Cream

Sku: P62727

As the new gold standard of Irish creams, Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur expertly blends the finest, freshest Irish cream, aged Irish whiskey and luxurious chocolate. The result is a truly smooth, indulgent sip that will convince any consumer of its superior quality. Crafted with cream from Kerrygold’s Irish dairy farms, Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur seeks to set a new standard in the category, standing apart from competitors, by delivering more fresh Irish cream and chocolate in every bottle.

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What makes Kerrygold cream so rich and satisfying? The milk of grass-fed Irish cows. Ireland’s Atlantic Coast location and its temperate rainy climate make it the perfect place to grow grass. Our cows feed on the lush, green pastures of small Irish family farms, handed down for generations.

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Country: Ireland
Type: Creams

Reg. $39.99

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