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Malfy Gin Con Limone

Malfy Gin Con Limone

Sku: P63001

Malfy Gin comes from Moncalieri in Italy near Turin. The main ingredient is lemon peel from lemons that have grown on the Italian coast having spent many hours soaking up the suns energy and salt spray from the ocean. Using Italian juniper berries and 6 secret botanicals, Malfy Gin really is a sun soaked treat! The design shouts out bright Mediterranean colors.......a peacock strolling along the beach! The cork has a blue rubber stopper encased in original Italian oak & thoughtfully designed blown glass proudly calls out the country of origin to finish off the design.

Add Malfy Gin over ice, with fresh lemon and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and watch the sun come out!

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Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Type: Gins - Imported

Reg. $31.99

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