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Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof

Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof

Sku: 1082496

Lead Time 5 day lead-time required Why?

Technical notes
The process to make Applejack is started at the peak of the apple harvest, in early September. This insures the quality and sweetness of the apples are at their peak. Applejack production utilizes a huge volume of fresh apples each year. It takes 7,000 pounds of apples to produce one fifty gallon barrel of Apple Brandy. As a result, Laird & Company uses several millions of pounds of apples every year. Translated into ”consumer size” packaging, a 750ml bottle of Laird’s 100 proof Brandy contains twenty pounds of apples!

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Country: United States
Region: New Jersey
Type: Fruit Brandies
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