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Prichard's Bourbon Double Barreled

Prichard's Bourbon Double Barreled

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The high quality expensive taste of Benjamin Prichard’s Double Barrel is no accident. Our bourbon is created using a unique, labor intensive, and yes expensive, process. Bourbon is generally barreled at a relatively high 125 proof. However, the final bottle proof may be as low as 80. The question then is “How does the bourbon get from 125 proof to 80 proof?” The answer is that the whiskey has been watered down before you screw off the cork and water dilutes flavor. Our bourbon is taken from 120 proof to 95 proof and re-barreled in new charred oak barrels to reinforce the barrel notes that bourbon is so famous for. To our knowledge there is no other distillery that utilizes this process. Benjamin Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon is truly special and has captured the attention of our customers who are virtually demanding that we produce more of this remarkable bourbon.

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 94 points (Apr 2014)
Profound aromas of stewed apples, cinnamon, brown butter and cloves rush from the glass. An exquisite bouquet. Buttered roasted corn, maple sugar and salted caramel comprise a surprisingly delicate mouthfeel. The finish is ripe, unctuous, well balanced and lingers unendingly. Outstanding.
 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 95 points (Mar 2012)
Attractive burnished orange hue. Opens up with big, comely maple, vanilla, buttered corn-on-the-cob and resin notes. In the mouth, the sinewy texture supports full-out tastes of oak, cocoa bean and caramel corn. Superb.

Technical notes
45% abv

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Country: United States
Region: Tennessee
Type: Tennessee Whiskey

Reg. $84.69

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