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Domaine Ostertag Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles 2007

Domaine Ostertag Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles 2007

375ml Half Bottle     
Sku: 1603643

Lead Time 5 day lead-time required Why?

Tasting notes
The wine has an extreme concentration, yet without any ostentation, it keep an impressive freshness that carries aromas of honey, raisins and flowers towards an everlasting lenght with grace, intensity and finesse.

Wine maker notes
Botrytis Cinerea is the ultimate Grail for amateurs of great sweet wines. Commonly called ”noble rot”, it is the friendly cousin of Botrytis, or ”grey rot”, the umpredictable and tenacious enemy of the vintner. Its effect is to concentrate the berry in sugar, by sucking out the water, while preserving the original acidity of the grape, thus giving wines of extreme intensity with superlative balance. One must be capable of reading the sky and the clouds to decide whether to delay or not the harvest, as the weather conditions necessary to obtain noble rot are very specific.The grapes must wake up with a thick and cold dew that is quickly heaten up by the sun, dispersing the humidity from the low er land through a not too brief nor too lingering mist. Only very specific locations of the vineyard are propitious to these conditions, which are not recurring in the late season. This makes Selections de Grains Nobles very rare wines that can be made only certains years. The Gewurztaminer variety is very prone to developping noble rot. This wine is made from the selection of several parcels of the plateau bordering the Epfig hill, where they get a good exposure to the sun as well as a good air flow, which is helpful to dry up the fruits. The vines are farmed using Biodynamic principles.

Food pairing
It has an incredible longevity, thus it can be kept for at least 50 years. It has to be drunk on its own, as a dessert, possibly with nuts, dried fruits or a nougat glace.

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