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CODA DI VOLPE: One of Campania's Best White!

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Aside Fiano or Falanghina, there are other interesting grapes that are representative of the region of Campania and exciting to unveil. I've been a long-term fan of the region, rooting on it's potential (check out my previous posts on Campania reds such as Aglianico and sparkling reds on Gragnano). I am enthusiastically looking forward to seeing our wine community drink and explore more from this underrated region. 


So why talk about Coda di Volpe? Because it's a fascinating varietal just as historically important as any other white grape that comes from Campania.  Coda di Volpe is the main grape used for Campania's ancient wine Lacryma Christi Bianco - meaning tears of Christ. The flavor profile is interesting, savory, medium, crisp, elegant with aging potential. We carry a 2011 Coda di Volpe from Azienda Agricola Vadiaperti, located in Irpina, that portrays these characteristics explained above; which is a cool and interesting way to get to know this lesser-known Southern Italian white with such inviting nuances at a great price point. 


Lorenzo Ruggeri, a charismatic journalist from Italy's famous Gambero Rosso magazine, spearheads the Camapania reviews and speaks with high spirits about the potential of the region. He also believes that the whites of Campania have an outstanding future to be taken seriously like any other great Italian whites. 


Ruggeri says "Campania’s wine is capable of taking your breath away; it can make you laugh and then cry just a few moments later. The message from the region’s Tre Bicchieris is clear: Campania is white wine country."


I agree with his perspective on having such great hopes and expectations for the whites of Campania. As far as the reds, I have high hopes too. 
When I am approached by my customers at the store, I always take the initiative of introducing people to something unexpected. "Let's talk Campania" I cheerfully say, leading them to a great surprise of good quality at a great price point, whether is a wine that pairs well with a meal or on its own. 


I recently got a few of my regular 67 Wine costumers on Lacryma Christi Rosso, which is a wine sourced from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the grape is mainly Piedirosso. which according to some researchers, it is the clone of Coda Di Volpe. 

Overall, Coda Di Volpe is another of many interesting Campania grapes worth giving a chance and getting to know, there are great light, approachable wines as well as complex wines that can be made out of this fantastic grapes. The key is to explore! 


Yumilka "Yumi" Ortiz 
Wine Buyer
WSET Certified/ Sommelier 

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