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Special Tasting Event: Ayala Champagne

Thu, December 6th 2012 4PM-7PM
1st Floor
Special Tasting Event
Ayala Champagne

Ayala champagne begins as a love story as well as a prestigious champagne house. Invited to Champagne by the Viscount of Mareuil, Edmond de Ayala falls for the Viscountís niece. They marry and de Ayala thusly receives a dowry (very 19th century) of the magnificent Ch‚teau of Aˇ. A growing reputation carries the house through the 20th century and in 2005, Ayala is purchased by Société Jacques Bollinger, owned by the Bollinger family. 

All wines are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted. Wines featured tonight can be found below. 

Brut Majeur NV 

Rosé Majeur NV

Blanc de Blancs 2004

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