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Rand has had a passion for wine since he was but a tyke growing up in Austria. At the tender age of five, he would stealthily make his way around the table after dinner parties, as the adults were saying their good-byes in the hallway, and drain the last drops from each glass. Even then he could not imagine anything more alluring than the heady aroma of those last resiny droplets of Zweigelt or the honeysuckle-scented dregs of Riesling shimmering at the bottom of crystal goblets.

Later in life, Rand became fascinated with the process that transforms the humble grape into the magical elixir Hemingway called “one of the most civilized things in the world” and began to read everything he could get his hands on about viticulture and wine making. Inevitably, his studies led him to explore the world’s many wine regions, grape varieties, and wine styles, and to share his fascination with others as a freelance wine educator and adviser in Utah.

In 2012, after 20 years in the credit industry, Rand’s passion for all things wine took a radical turn. He decided to move to New York to pursue his wine education more seriously and to begin a full-time career in wine. Rand now gets to share his love of Riesling and the many other wonderful Teutonic whites and reds at 67 Wine as buyer for German wines. He is always excited to turn our customers on to something new, fun, and delicious in the fascinating world of wine.

Buyer of: German Wine, Alsace, Australia, Bordeaux, South-West France, Jura


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Reg. $12.99

A big Riesling for the price. Powerful, ripe flavors of guava, quince, kiwi, and tangerine zest on a super juicy, minerally framework.... more
Sku: P59961

Reg. $34.99

Aromas of dark chery, plum, sweet hay, and loam. Beautifully composed palate with medium grained tannins and fresh acidity.... more
Sku: P60714

Reg. $15.99

Alluring nose of golden berries and honey. Bone dry palate with juicy acidity and angular minerality.... more
Sku: P59757

Reg. $19.99
On Sale $16.99

Floral and lush, with generous flavors of plum, blackberry, baking spice and cocoa.... more
Sku: 059004

Reg. $28.90
On Sale $28.99

Contemplative with pure dark fruit, layers of earthy complexity, and a long, long finish.... more
Sku: P59979

Reg. $19.99

Bright, fresh, and fun. Red berries, sour cherry, raspberry, and kirsch underscored by button mushroom and red flowers.... more
Sku: P59064

Reg. $24.99
20% discount on 12 bottles for $240.00

Beautifully developed aromas of lush plummy fruit, forest floor, and rose petal.... more
Sku: P61071

Reg. $14.99

Intensely but elegantly floral and dark fruited with spice, dark chocolate, and pepper on the palate and a roasted chili finish. ,... more
Sku: P61229

Reg. $14.99

Light, fresh, and mouth-filling with sweet berries and forest floor backed by soft, savory pepper notes.... more
Sku: P60588

Reg. $23.99

Intriguing nose of candied pineapple, field herbs, lemon zest, and bergamot. The palate is fresh and zippy.... more
Sku: P60845

Reg. $22.99

Steely minerality and saline crispness belie the almost imperceptible sweetness. Crisp, fresh, and delicate, this far outperforms its price.... more
Sku: P60700

Reg. $19.99

Beautifully composed aromas of red cherry and plum fruit, violets, tea, and forest floor. Medium bodied with excellent balance of acidity and tea leaf ... more
Sku: P60491

Reg. $17.99

Aromatic red fruit, dill, mint, rose petal, and herbal notes. Mouthfilling and deliciously fresh.... more
Sku: P60586


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