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Greek Wine

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Reg. $19.39
24% discount on 12 bottles for $176.28

This wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are fermented for approximately one month and then aged in the temperature controlled winery cellars for at least twelve months. The result is a full-bodied wine high in tannin and rich ... more
Sku: 1965549  

Reg. $20.99
24% discount on 6 bottles for $95.94

Summer fruit on the nose, pear, vanilla and mint. Rich concentration of fruit on the palateSeafood and sea urchins.... more
Sku: 2007274  

Reg. $15.29
24% discount on 12 bottles for $139.08

A white wine made from the Savatiano grape and fermented in stainless steel. Pale yellow in color with aromas of peach, pear and honeysuckle notes. Light to medium bodied with flavors similar to those on the nose but in addition to subtle mineral ... more
Sku: 1979002  

Reg. $30.49
24% discount on 6 bottles for $139.14

Deep ruby in colour, complex bouquet of ripe red fruit, spice and vanilla hues. Round and tannic palate, intense aftertaste. Can be aged. Accompanies red meat, game, rich sauces.... more
Sku: 1983606  

Reg. $24.59
24% discount on 6 bottles for $112.14

Golden in colour, aroma reminiscent of exotic fruit, balanced and round palate with floral aftertaste. Accompanies seafood, oven baked fish, poultry. Also to be enjoyed with fruit.... more
Sku: 2006875  

Reg. $38.59
24% discount on 6 bottles for $176.34

Golden colour with an acacia-honey aroma. A smoky wine with a ripe pineapple bouquet. Textured cedrat on the medium-length with a layered finish and a fine balance. A dessert wine and a fine accompaniment to fruit and sweets.... more
Sku: 2006990  

Reg. $30.49
24% discount on 6 bottles for $139.14

Deep red in colour, aromas of red dried fruit, spices and vanilla hues. Rich and gentle tannins, balanced acidity and complex aftertaste. Accompanies red meat, delicatessen cold cuts, game and yellow cheese.... more
Sku: 2006884  

Reg. $19.89
24% discount on 12 bottles for $182.28

Bright gold and clear in colour, delicate bouquet, aroma of citrus. Medium acidity, long and pleasant aftertaste. A fine accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, seafood, fish, white meat.... more
Sku: 1979807  

Reg. $27.99
24% discount on 6 bottles for $128.34

Aged in oak barrels for six months, this wine is of a green-yellow hue, complex to the nose, with aroma of wood, spices and citrus fruit. Dense but not heavy on the palate, with a balanced presence of oak flavour. To accompany shellfish, fish and ... more
Sku: 2006892  

Reg. $22.89
24% discount on 6 bottles for $104.34

Brilliantly, light yellow in colour with greenish tints, strong and lively nose, floral aromas and sweet spices, mellon, litchi with a note of honeysuckle. The mouth is rich, bold and silky. Long and pleasant aftertaste.... more
Sku: 1991196  


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