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Portuguese Wine

Wines of Portugal

The least understood of major wine producing countries, Portugal clings tenaciously to its centuries-old traditions. On the one hand, this is positive, in that Portugal still has vast acres devoted to its intriguing native varieties, and a number of quality minded producers are now making unique world-class wines out of these grapes. However, highly skilled winemaking is not the norm.

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The renowned wine critic, Michael Broadbent, MW and his son Bartholomew share a love for wine and in particular, Madeira. Winemaker Juan Teixeira works with the family’s network of growers to create the blends but its Michael who goes to ... more
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Born in Albemarle County Virginia in 1743, Thomas Jefferson was a central figure in the founding of the American republic, as principal author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States. He was also the United ... more
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Both the modern packaging and the new style of Alvada 5 Year Old Madeira have been designed with contemporary tastes in mind. It is virtually unheard of for a Madeira wine to be blended from two of the classic grape varieties. But in order to ... more
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Clear, amber colour with tinges of gold; a bouquet of dried fruit, vanilla, wood and toffee with a smooth, medium-sweet finish and an excellent balance between the fruit and acidity. Blandy’s 5 year old Bual was aged in American oak casks in ... more
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Clear, dark golden brown with very strong legs. Characteristic bouquet with complex dried fruits and wood, toffee and vanilla. Sweet, smooth, full bodied, complex, and a long finish of nuts and dark chocolate Blandy’ s 15 Y ear Old Malmsey was aged  more
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Dark, golden brown with characteristic Madeira bouquet of raisins, toffee and nuts. Sweet with a rich, full bodied, honeyed and complex finish and beautifully balanced acidity. Blandy’s 5 year old Malmsey was aged in American oak casks in the  more
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Rainwater is a medium dry pale Madeira that is delicious taken chilled before meals but also goes well with dessert. It’s elegant and refined bouquet has made it a universal favourite. VINIFICATION Blandy’s Rainwater underwent fermentation ... more
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Pale, bright topaz colour with a golden tinge, fresh with dry fruit, wood and citrus flavours with a fresh and nutty persistent finish. Blandy’s 5 year old Sercial was aged in American oak casks in the traditional ’Canteiro’ ... more
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Clear, topaz colour, with a golden rim. Complex nose, revealing a fresh bouquet with raisins, dried fruits, wood and spices. Blandy’s 5 year old Verdelho was aged in American oak casks in the traditional ’Canteiro’ system. This ... more
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